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Who visited mostly Moldova this year?

Romanians, Russians, Ukrainians and Americans were the most loyal tourists of Moldova in the first half of this year. The statistics show that from January to June 2012 collective tourist accommodations were attended by 111,000 tourists from which about 38% were foreign tourists. The number of tourists coming from abroad and their period of stay in Moldova increased from last year.

Most significant share in the total number of foreign tourists housed in collective tourist establishments have returned to tourists from Romania (20,6%), Russian Federation (9,8%), Ukraine (8,4%), United States of America (7,5%), Turkey (7,2%), Germany (5,9%), Italy (5,9%), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (3,1%), France (2,7%), Poland (2,2%), Israel (1,6%), Bulgaria (1,5%), Sweden (1,3%), Belarus (1,3%), Austria (1,2%) and Spain (1,1%).

The number of nonresident tourists who visited Moldova in the first six months of 2012 is almost 25% higher than that registered during the same period of the last year. National Bureau of Statistics database shows that over 90% of foreign tourists who visit our country accommodate in hotels and motels.

At tourist receptions with functions of collective accommodations from January to June 2012 there were around 569,000 overnight stays of tourists, the share of foreigners overnight stays being only 15%. However, it is worth mentioning that the number of overnight stays of foreign tourists in Moldova increased by about 9% from the last year.


Over a cup of coffee, participants discussed internal and foreign tourism in Moldova. The session of free workshop was aimed to combine efforts to develop rural tourism.
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