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Our mission


Guides, Lecturers and Interpreters Association of Moldova offers exclusive tourist itineraries in our sunny country – the Republic of Moldova. During many years of  activity on the tourism market in our country, we managed to assemble the best team of professionals, who is always available to share all the knowledge and experience to everyone.

 Our mission is to promote a new image of the tourism of Moldova.

 Our basic principles:

  1. We believe that Athens and Antalya sounds good, but before exploring the beautiful cities, it is necessary to know and worship our country and in this consist our mission - through tours we help people „discover” for themselves Moldova.


  1. Also we consider the need to know the neighbors and to maintain friendly relations with them, the more we have a common historical background (more distant or more recent) – therefore, we developed a system of tours in Romania, Ukraine and Russian Federation.


  1. We try to connect our services to European standards: comfortable transportation, monuments, concerts, theme events, theatrical tours, contests with prizes and gifts, surprises…


  1. All team members of Guides, Lecturers and Interpreters Association of Moldova have higher education in tourism and constantly improve their personal skills in the various courses and seminars, both at home and abroad (Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Russian Federation, U.S.). In the Association are working the best guides from the Republic of Moldova with an impressive experience, but we train and guide young people who, with characteristic enthusiasm of their age will revolutionize our entire business.


  1. Guides, Lecturers and Interpreters Association of Moldova develop exclusive tourism trips and itineraries. For example, in northern part of Moldova – the Struve Geodetic Arc – the first UNESCO monument in Moldova, a new travel itinerary – „Piretus”,  unique and fascinating city tours in Chisinau – „tea art” on the roofs, trips to museums, shopping tours, disco-tours, gourmet tours and more.


  1. The reception of mixed groups in Moldova - is our favorite activity, in which we can offer to our guests all the kindness and hospitality of our country. Our favorite is Dionis Weekend – 2-3-5 day program (Wine Road), but we elaborate individual trips, proceeding from the interests and preferences of our customers.


  1. Our routes have been created by ourselves, we explored every foot of the steps of our ancestors and the present generation, we love our work, we are open to new ideas and work with satisfaction with our partners.



 »  About us  »  Our mission

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